The Japan Association of Radiological Technologists, a public interest incorporated association under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, was established in 1947 with the purpose of contributing to the health of citizens through raising the professional ethics of members, improving and furthering the study of medical radiology and medical radiological technology, and enhancing public health.

In light of the startling progress being made in the fields of image diagnostics and radiation therapy where radiological technologists work, it is necessary to stay constantly aware of the latest know-how and technology. JART collaborates with other certifi cation agencies to enhance the capacity of all radiological technologists in general through providing lifelong learning seminars, short courses, academic conferences and numerous other learning opportunities. We believe that such activities constitute our obligation as medical professionals to the general public.

As the only medical profession that has “radiological” in its name, we strive to limit medical exposure, to raise the standing of our profession, and to realize a profession of specialist technologists that can be advertised. And we are committed to promoting services with you all for the provision of safe and secure medical care.